About Hazel

about-hazel.comEach month, emerging and established women writers share their work, and go on to choose next month’s readers. Through this curation-by-evolution process we’ve come into contact with some of the best writers in the Bay Area, and hosted evenings that are as unpredictable as they are unforgettable.

Hazel is a place for experimentation, for support and community, for writers and literature lovers of all kinds to bump into new work and new ideas. We’re also invested in creating a space that represents and celebrates the diverse ethnicity, sexuality, ability, age, and form of the Bay Area’s artists.

Hazel started in Erica Eller’s living room in the Mission, and was named in honor of her grandmother, and though it has grown in size, and changed locations in the intervening years, we’ve kept the living room feeling alive through all of Hazel’s iterations, creating an intimate space that becomes electric with dazzling and daring new work.

Come see for yourself, why don’t you?